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This is a re-post from our partners at Blacknight and concerns anyone who still uses a BT email account. 

Transferring Legacy Email Accounts from BT Ireland to Blacknight

Originally these email accounts were provided as part of dial-up subscriptions or as free webmail accounts, by BT and by other companies which were acquired by BT. Now that BT is discontinuing the provision of this service, users are being offered the option of having their account terminated, or transferring it to Blacknight. Based in Carlow, Blacknight is the leading Irish provider of domain names, web and email hosting services. Users who opt to transfer their BT email accounts to Blacknight will receive the following:

  • Upgraded 100MB mailbox storage. (BT legacy accounts have 50MB, and webmail is limited to 10MB)
  • IMAP and POP3 access, and a modern Webmail

How can I access my mail after the move?

Read our knowledgebase guide on how to access your mail after the move.

Why is my BT legacy email service being transferred to Blacknight?

The email service was provided by BT as part of a contract which is no longer in force. The service may have been provided free of charge, or included as a bundle with an internet connection package which is no longer active.

Blacknight has offered to take over legacy email services from BT, allowing users to continue to use their email. Alternatively, users can choose not to transfer their email to Blacknight, in which case BT will terminate the account.

Is Blacknight a reputable service provider?

Yes. Blacknight is a trusted Irish-owned company employing over 40 people in Carlow, Wexford and Dublin. We are an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and we are certified to ISO 27001, the strictest international standard available in information security management. Blacknight owns and manages all its own infrastructure and network, peering directly at multiple points of presence and internet exchanges. All our servers are hosted in Ireland and governed by European Union laws on privacy and data-protection.

Blacknight enjoys Guaranteed Irish certification and a five-star customer confidence rating on TrustPilot.

Can I choose to have my BT legacy email transferred to another company?

No. You are free to purchase email services anywhere you wish, but you would need to change your email address. Your BT legacy email address includes one of the following domain names:


Ownership of these domain names is being transferred from BT to Blacknight. Blacknight is the only company which can provide an email address with these domains.

What will happen to my email if I don't agree to transfer it to Blacknight?

Because of data protection laws, your email cannot be transferred to Blacknight without your consent. When the accounts for which consent has been given are safely transferred to Blacknight, BT will delete the old email accounts in compliance with EU law on data retention.

How can I opt to have my email account transferred to Blacknight?

Check your email for a message from BT. This will outline the process involved, and provide you with a link which you must use to give your consent if you wish to have your email transferred to Blacknight. You must do this within 30 days.

What service will Blacknight provide to BT legacy email users?

  • Upgraded 100MB mailbox storage. (BT legacy accounts have 50MB, and webmail is limited to 10MB)
  • IMAP and POP3 access, and a modern Webmail

It's time I joined the 21st century - I hear you guys do domain names?

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