Case Study

St Canice's
Clevertouch Transformation

St Canices Clevertouch case Study


St Canice’s Girls National School, nestled on the Séamus Ennis Road in Finglas, North Dublin, boasts a rich history dating back to its inception in 1943. Originally comprised of just three classrooms, the school has evolved significantly over the decades. The construction of “the main school” in 1963 marked a pivotal expansion, initially catering to both boys and girls before the boys transitioned to a separate facility in 1971. Today, St Canice’s is a vibrant educational institution, teaching approximately 500 girls across three classes at each level from Junior Infants to Sixth Class.

Under the dynamic leadership of School Principal Dearbhla White, St Canice’s has embraced digital learning, integrating technology throughout its curriculum to foster a collaborative, and stimulating educational atmosphere. Ms White and her dedicated teaching team are staunch proponents of leveraging digital resources to enrich the learning experience, reflecting a broader trend of technological integration within educational settings.

St Canices Clevertouch case Study

The Challange

The impetus for adopting interactive screens at St Canice’s was twofold, according to Ms White. The necessity to keep educational resources current and the desire to harness the full spectrum of technological benefits underscored the decision. “The adoption of technology across the schools has increased over the last few years, with technology being updated throughout the school,” Ms White remarked. She highlighted the importance of evolving educational methodologies to include the latest technological advancements, thereby ensuring that students benefit from a diverse and modern learning environment.

The Solution

Identifying the optimal technological solution, St Canice’s opted for the Clevertouch Impact range of Interactive displays, renowned for their educator-centric design. The initial installation of nine Clevertouch Impact Plus screens by was met with such positive feedback that the school swiftly expanded its inventory. Between 2021 and 2023, the school installed a total of twenty 65” & 75” Impact Plus and Impact Max screens, ensuring every classroom was equipped with state-of-the-art interactive capabilities. All screens were mounted with B-Tech Universal BT8422 mounts and connected wirelessly to accommodate the school’s infrastructure.

The Results

The integration of Clevertouch interactive screens across St Canice’s has revolutionised the classroom experience, enabling real-time collaboration and interactive learning.

Furthermore, the interactive screens have significantly enriched staff meetings, offering visual aids and tools for live document collaboration, thereby facilitating more engaging and productive discussions. Reflecting on the collaboration with, Ms White praised their professionalism and efficiency, stating, “ is always very effective and efficient. Eamon and his team are very helpful and have a great collaborative approach.” is always very effective and efficient. Eamon and his team are very helpful and have a great collaborative approach
St Canices GNS
Dearbhla White
St Canices Clevertouch case Study


The successful integration of Clevertouch Interactive displays at St Canice’s Girls National School exemplifies the transformative potential of digital learning tools in educational settings. Through strategic technological adoption and a commitment to enhancing the learning environment, St Canice’s has not only modernised its educational approach but also set a benchmark for schools aiming to incorporate technology into their curricula. The journey of St Canice’s reflects a broader educational paradigm shift, emphasising the importance of staying abreast of technological advancements to foster an engaging, collaborative, and effective learning atmosphere.