Ireland’s Most Popular Google Searches of 2019

Ireland’s Most Popular Google Searches of 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, we look back on the most popular Google search queries in Ireland for 2019. Some are obvious while others, not so much, at least for the middle-aged author of this post. The most popular overall search term was Rugby World Cup, however given our performance in the tournament, I think that search term just like the tournament itself, should be resigned to history. The top five overall search terms also include two much loved modern Irish legends that sadly passed away this year, namely Mr Gay Byrne and Mr Brendan Grace.
Google Trends have very conveniently given us the most searched for terms in the categories that follow. As I’ve already mentioned many of the top search queries are in line with our expectations, however, given that “How to boil an egg?” and “How to vote?” are the top two “How to” queries, I am genuinely worried for the future. Anyway, here are the top five search queries in the categories listed;

Top Five Overall Search Terms

1) Rugby World Cup (Let us resign this one to history)
2) Gay Byrne (RIP to a broadcasting legend)
3) Storm Lorenzo (Not the Italian hunk the ladies were hoping for)
4) Game of Thrones (So disappointed with the last season)
5) Brendan Grace (RIP to a comedy genius)

Rugby World Cup

How to...?

How to boil an egg?

1) How to boil an egg? (Seriously!)
2) How to vote? (Again seriously!)
3) How to pronounce psalm? (Fair enough)
4) How to lose belly fat? (Did this one a lot over the last year, just the search, not the actual fat loss)
5) How to solve a rubix cube? (Stop Cheating)

Top searched movies of 2019

1) Joker (Deserves to do well in the awards season)  
2) The Irishman (Need stamina to watch this lengthy film, with some Hollywood greats)
3) Avengers Endgame (Great movie if you’re a fan of the series or just like a bit of action)
4) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Haven’t seen this one but have read some mixed reviews)
5) Captain Marvel (Another one I haven’t seen but will watch it over the Christmas)

The Joker

Top people searches of 2019

Shane Lowry

1) Shane Lowry (Legend)
2) James Charles (Who ?, Hang on until I Google him, OK, YouTube star, got it)
3) Boris Johnson (At least it isn’t Trump, who didn’t even make the top 10. Fake News?)
4) Katie Taylor (Great ambassador for her sport and the country)
5) Maria Bailey (Swingate)


1) Vegan recipes (I’m a carnivore so it wasn’t me)
2) Keto recipes ( Similar to Atkins, low carb, high fat diet)
3) Smoothie recipes (With alcohol = Cocktail ) 
4) Stew recipes (This was me)
5) Plant based recipes (Salad?)

Vegan Recipes

What is....?

What is the backstop?

1) What is the backstop? (We’ve all googled this one. The new “I don’t know what a tracker mortgage is“)
2) What is area 51?(Surprised that this one is still popular after so many years)
3) What is a dead ting? (Apparently it’s an urban dictionary insult used in Love Island. Yes I googled it)  
4) What is fracking? (A lot of people are concerned on its environmental impact so no funny comments here)
5) What is brexit? (Has this not been drilled into our brains since 2016).  ?

So, what do the most popular search terms for 2019 tell us. Worryingly, many, many people don’t know how to boil an egg or vote. Three of the top five recipe queries relate to non-meat dishes. Donald Trump didn’t make the list, however his “great great” friend Boris Johnson did. What is the backstop is likely to be this generations “I don’t know what a tracker mortgage is” and thankfully golfer Shane Lowry topped the people list ahead of some 20 year old YouTube star I’ve never heard of? This time next year when I look back on the search queries of 2020, I pray that people will finally know how to boil and egg.

John Grennan –

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