Case Study

McCormack Family Farms'

Transformation with Proactive Managed IT Services

McCormack Family Farms' Transformation with Proactive Managed IT Services


McCormack Family Farms is a second-generation family farm and Ireland’s leading grower of baby salad leaves, herbs, microgreens and edible flowers, renowned for their Honest Leaf ethos. They have experienced significant growth in their business in the last decade. However, they also faced significant IT challenges that had the potential to hinder their productivity and growth. McCormack Family Farms did have an agreement with an existing provider but found that while they were reactive to IT issues, what they required was a proactive IT partner and decided to engage with several other providers and seek recommendations.


“ were the only company that facilitated an on-site visit to our headquarters and put forward a proposal that was in line with our own roadmap”.
Andrew Farrelly
McCormack Family Farms

 McCormack Family Farms decided to partner with as their Managed IT Services provider to address their IT challenges.

The Challanges

McCormack Family Farms encountered various obstacles that were impeding their business operations and expansion. To tackle these challenges, they sought the assistance of a proactive Managed IT Services partner who could provide them with a comprehensive solution.

Recurring Downtime

The farm’s existing server was outdated and prone to frequent downtime, resulting in lost productivity and potentially impacting growth and revenue.

Cyber Security

With the growing reliance on technology and digital connectivity, the farm faced increased security risks that could potentially compromise sensitive data and impact operations in the event of a cyber security incident. McCormack Family Farms recognised the importance of safeguarding their valuable information and required robust cyber security solutions to protect their business from external threats.


As the business continued to expand, its IT infrastructure needed to be scalable and adaptable to support future growth. 

Alignment with Growth Plans

The farm needed a strategic IT partner who could understand their long-term goals and design a tailored solution that would align with their growth objectives

The Solutions

In December 2018, commenced their partnership with McCormack Family Farms by onboarding them into their proactive support service. performed a thorough assessment of the existing IT infrastructure and addressed immediate issues. Key solutions implemented by include:

The Impact

McCormack Family Farms has experienced significant benefits since partnering with for Managed IT Services including:

Elimination of downtime:’s proactive approach ensures that issues are resolved promptly, minimising downtime and improving productivity.

Enhanced security: With robust backups and security measures in place, McCormack Farms now has peace of mind and confidence in their systems and procedures.

Improved network and team collaboration: The new IT infrastructure has streamlined processes and enabled better collaboration among team members.

Scalable IT Support:’s continued support aligns with McCormack Family Farms’ growth plans, ensuring their IT infrastructure remains reliable and secure.

As McCormack Family Farms continues to grow and evolve, their partnership with will play a crucial role in maintaining reliable and secure IT systems. This relationship demonstrates the positive impact of a proactive Managed IT Services provider on the overall success and growth of a business.

“Reliability and security are of the utmost importance to us, has given us confidence in our systems and procedures”.
Andrew Farrelly
McCormack Family Farms