Case Study

Digital Transformation


Shomera are the largest provider of House Extensions and Garden Rooms in Ireland and the UK. Their innovative team of designers and builders work closely with their clients to create unique living and working spaces that have graced the covers of magazines and featured in numerous television shows.


During the lockdown, Shomera saw a significant rise in demand for their services due to the shift to remote working. The need for private workspaces at home or remote locations was essential, which was at the core of Shomera’s solution. It became clear that their business was about to experience significant growth. However, Shomera realised that their current IT systems were not adequate to handle the increase in demand, nor were they suitable for remote working. This realisation prompted Shomera to embark on a digital transformation journey, which included engaging with for a solution.

To address these challenges, recommended a complete overhaul of Shomera’s IT systems and a transition to cloud-based solutions. began by implementing a managed firewall and endpoint security solution to ensure Shomera’s systems were secure. Next, moved Shomera’s entire email and shared file system to Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint to support remote working. Lastly, migrated Shomera’s phone system from an old PBX system to a new VoIP system that was fully integrated with Microsoft Teams.

Overall, the digital transformation undertaken by Shomera and allowed Shomera to adapt to the changing business landscape and meet the increasing demand for their services while also improving their ability to work remotely.

The Challange

Shomera experienced significant demand for their services as the shift to remote working translated to the requirement for private workspaces at the homes of remote workers. They acknowledged that their existing IT systems were not sufficient to support the scaling of their business and needed assistance with a full digital transformation of their business processes. 

The IT System

The entire business IT system was running on a single ageing server. Performance was very poor and remote working was almost non-existent.

The Phone System

The phone system was running on an unsupported PBX system with no method to add new phones or to use remotely.

The Server

The server required mul-tiple restarts a week due to a number of inherited reasons.

The Solution helped Shomera reorganise their entire IT system and communication tools using cloud-based solutions. This change was made to help Shomera’s business continue to grow smoothly. By moving to the cloud, Shomera can access its IT resources and communication tools remotely and from anywhere, making it easier for them to manage their operations efficiently.

IT System Restructuring

Introduced managed firewall and endpoint security before restructured existing IT system to support business growth.

VoIP Telephony

Migration of old solution from PBX to VoIP with full Microsoft Teams integration

Cloud Migration

Migration to the cloud with the introduction of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.

The Results

The entire Shomera IT systems has been restructured and optimised with the very best industry standard cloud solutions and IT security. The Shomera workforce now works and collaborates in an entirely different way and enjoys all of the benefits of the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem of productivity and collaboration tools.

In 2020 we made the switch to as our service provider. From the initial meeting with Eamon to the transition itself, the whole process was really smooth and the level of service since has been tremendous. I highly recommend them.
Pat O'Reilly
General Manager