IVR Phishing: Understanding and Preventing Automated Phone Scams

IVR Phishing: Understanding and Preventing Automated Phone Scams

As technology continues to evolve, so do the methods used by cybercriminals to exploit it. One such method is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phishing. This form of phishing leverages automated phone systems to trick individuals into revealing sensitive personal or financial information. Let’s delve into what IVR phishing is and how to protect yourself from […]

The Top 8 Types of Cyber Attacks

The top 8 Types of Cyber Attacks

The cyber security landscape is continually evolving; however, a good understanding of the current threats and preventative measures is a vital first step towards an effective defence. The inspiration for this post comes from this excellent animated illustration below, found on the LinkedIn page of The Cyber Security News. It succinctly outlines the top 8 […]

Small Screen Big Risk The Increasing Threat of Mobile Phishing

Small Screen, Big Risk: The Increasing Threat of Mobile Phishing

Not very long ago, I found myself tricked by a phishing email disguised as a courier notification on my phone. Caught up in the whirlwind of my day I hastily opened the email, neglecting to spot the red flags characteristic of a phishing attempt. It turned out to be a harmless simulated phishing email delivered […]

Cyber Security in 2024: Key Forecasts and Insights for the Year Ahead

Cyber Security in 2024: Key Forecasts and Insights

As 2024 unfolds, the cyber security landscape is rapidly evolving. Understanding the key trends shaping this dynamic field is essential to keep pace with emerging threats and challenges. In late 2023, leading industry vendors released their predictions and forecasts for the coming year. For this post I decided to test the capabilities of ChatGPT plus […]

The 12 Scams of Christmas 2023

The 12 Scams of Christmas

As the festive season approaches, we encourage you to channel your inner Scrooge – not in stinginess, but in fiercely protecting your data and your hard-earned money from criminals.  Last year, An Garda Síochána issued a warning to consumers, stating that online fraud was on the rise at Christmas time.  This year, our message is […]

Beyond the Bait: A Deep Dive into Phishing Prevention

Phishing Guide

In a perpetually evolving digital landscape, phishing has emerged as a dominant cybersecurity threat. As cybercriminals continually refine their tactics, no business, regardless of its size, is immune to the risks. Drawing from our in-depth Phishing Guide (free download below), we aim to provide you with a concise yet comprehensive overview of this menace and […]

New BEC Campaign Uses AiTM Attacks to Steal Millions from Corporate Executives via Microsoft 365 Accounts

BEC Attacks

A recent Business Email Compromise (BEC) campaign has been identified that is using advanced spear-phishing techniques with Adversary-in-the-Middle (AiTM) attacks to target Microsoft 365 accounts belonging to corporate executives. The campaign, which researchers from Mitiga discovered during an incident response case, is now widespread and is targeting transactions worth several million dollars each. The phishing […]

Pig Butchering Scams – What are they and how to avoid them

Pig Butchering Scams – What are they and how to avoid them

From business email compromises to romance scams, criminals are raking in billions by using one powerful tool: social engineering. They lure their victims into making mistakes that could cost them everything – whether it’s trusting someone they shouldn’t or sending their hard-earned money into a black hole. But just when we thought we’d seen it […]