Cyber Insurance Checklist: 10 Essential Security Controls

Cyber Security Checklist

The never-ending threat of a cyberattack is leading more and more businesses to take a serious look at cyber security insurance to help them recover some of the financial losses that would result from an attack or incident. While a continuing rise in attacks is making cyber insurance more attractive, so too, is it making […]

Understanding The Cyber Kill Chain

An advanced persistent threat is when a malicious actor gains access to a network and remains undetected for weeks, months and even years. Lockheed developed the Cyber Kill Chain with the idea that if we identify threats early enough, this will reduce the possibility of an advanced persistent threat. The cyber kill chain is an adaptation of the military’s kill chain, which is a step-by-step approach that identifies and stops the enemy activity.

Cyber Security – The current state of play and how you can protect your business.

Cyber Security - The Current State of Play

As part of their thought leadership series, our partners at Microwarehouse held an online event entitled “Cyber Security: The Current State of Play”. The event was moderated by Guido Marchetti – Microsoft Modern Work & Security Lead at Microwarehouse and the speakers included Des Ryan – Director of solutions and cyber security for Microsoft Ireland, […]

Sextortion Email Scam

Cyber Security hacker

Sextortion email scams have been around for quite some time and every now and then a new wave will target the inboxes of unsuspecting victims. This once again appears to be the case and we have noticed an increase in requests for advice on how to handle this.