Step-by-Step Guide to Granting Delegate Access in Outlook

Step-by-Step Guide to Granting Delegate Access in Outlook

Ever felt like you could use an extra pair of hands to manage your overflowing inbox and jam-packed calendar? Microsoft Outlook offers a solution for this. Think of it as having a virtual assistant. This feature, known as Delegate Access, lets you designate another individual, termed a delegate, to handle your emails and calendar on […]

Azure Identity Protection: A Comprehensive Overview

Azure Identity Protection

Azure Identity Protection, a feature of Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory, is a cutting-edge solution designed to safeguard organisations from identity-based threats. It’s a proactive approach, leveraging vast amounts of data and advanced algorithms, to detect, investigate, and address potential risks associated with user identities. Risk Detection Azure Identity Protection is constantly evolving, with Microsoft continuously […]

8 Reasons to Move Your Business to Microsoft SharePoint in the Cloud

8 Reasons to Move Your Business to Microsoft SharePoint in the Cloud

In today’s digital transformation era, businesses are moving to the cloud to enhance collaboration, streamline document management, and improve productivity. Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based platform that offers a wide range of features to meet these needs. In this post, we will explore the top reasons why businesses should consider moving their operations to Microsoft […]

8 Benefits of Microsoft 365 to your Business

Microsoft 365 for business, previously known as Office 365 is so much more than just Microsoft Office in the cloud. It is an entire ecosystem of tools and applications that fuel business growth. Here are some of the key benefits of Microsoft 365 for Business.

Microsoft Teams – Top New Features Of 2020

Microsoft Teams new features for 2020

This year has seen Microsoft release some welcome new features, including Custom Backgrounds, 3 x 3 view on Desktops and Raise your Hand in Meetings. As the features keep rolling out the team at have picked the top new features announced at or leading up to the Microsoft’s Virtual Ignite 2020 event.

How to Add a Custom Background to Microsoft Teams

For several months now you could enable one of the virtual backgrounds from a small library of backgrounds available in Teams. Microsoft now allows you to add your own custom background for video meetings

Microsoft Teams: The past, the present and the future

Microsoft Teams was launched in early 2017 and has become the companies fastest growing application with approximately half a million companies worldwide using it (Pre COVID-19). What you may not know is that the app started life on a fruit farm in Hawaii and hotel room in Las Vegas.